Domain Statement & Bylaws

Domain Statement (eff. December 9, 2023)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Division
DEI, grounded in a foundation of scholarship of women in management and gender diversity in organizations, focuses on diversity and inclusion in the context of society, organizations, and work. The division embraces diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, enables equitable treatment and equal outcomes, and supports social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members' research, teaching, and practice.

Major topics include the theory and research on:

  • experiences of members of different social identity groups, including (but not limited to) groups differentiated by gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, religion, culture, (dis)ability, family responsibilities and age; as well as the intersectionality of these social identities;
  • institutionalized systems of power based upon gender, race, and class and how they manifest in organizations;
  • institutional and structural barriers to equity and equality across social groups;
  • postcolonialism, contemporary experiences and structural exclusion of Indigenous peoples and cultures in organizations;
  • decolonial theory and pluriversal approaches to inclusion in organizations (e.g., effects of modern-day slavery practices such as bonded labor, slave labor, human trafficking, and forced labor);
  • the impact of occupational and organizational policies, practices, and discourses on dominant and marginalized groups that may lead to differential impact;
  • critical perspectives related to diversity (e.g., critical race theory, feminist pedagogy) which acknowledge the power across different socio-political contexts, and problematize taken-for-granted DEI concepts;
  • the impact of group diversity on well-being and effectiveness at individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis;
  • processes of change that create and foster inclusion, whether from external interventions or from individuals within groups or organizations;
  • the impact of cultural, societal, and national diversity on workers and the workplace.

We welcome research from the full range of research traditions/perspectives, across disciplinary and interdisciplinary boundaries.

Division Bylaws

Download the full version here: 2013_GDO_Division_Bylaws.doc

Note: The Division name was changed from GDO to DEI effective 2022. 

Division Five Year Report 

Download the full version here: GDO_5_year_self_review_2014-2019.pdf

Note: The AOM Board has renewed the division for another five years.