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To generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, to embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice.

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Statement on DEI Domain Amendment Vote Announcement

Hello again DEI members

Thank you for taking the time to vote on the amendment to our new domain statement. I am pleased to report that 464 members (25%) voted, with 436 members (94%) voted in favor of the amendment. The approved amendment takes effect immediately. The updated domain statement is now posted on our division domain page. We look forward to submissions under our new division name and domain statement.

Eddy Ng

Queen’s University
DEI Division Chair 2022


DEI Division Announcements

  • AOM Connect Manager - OPEN Role

    Dear DEI members,

    Have you been thinking about your commitment to DEI? Are you interested in getting involved in the DEI Division in a low-key, but valuable way? Our incredible, dedicated AOM Connect Manager, Sanjeewa Perera from the University of South Australia, is stepping down, and we are looking for a new Manager for our AOM Connect community.

    AOM Connect, as you probably know, is how information on events and resources are shared amongst our membership, and it takes a bit of time and tending to ensure we communicate effectively with our members across the globe.  The full position description is available by clicking here. This is a non-elected position and selection is based on interest, by the DEI Executive team.

    Please read the attached description, and if you have interest, please apply by June 10, 2024, by simply uploading a CV and telling us briefly why you are interested and why you might be a good fit for the role.  You need not be a tech-y! forms.gle/23LSwdmqexoxEo7t9

    I hope you will consider joining our leadership team in this way.  If you have any questions about the role, Sanjee is happy to field them - sanjee.perera@unisa.edu.au.


    Jenny M. Hoobler

    DEI Division Chair, 2023-24

    Nova School of Business & Economics

  • Need some last-minute tips for your AOM submissions? Or your DEI research more broadly?

    Check out the recording of all-star panel event on Dec. 7 here, featuring Fida Afiouni on how to break into research conversations, Stella Nkomo on how to set the hook, Eddy Ng on the unique challenges of doing DEI research, and Jenny Hoobler on the importance of non-US samples.

  • DEI AOM Conference Scholarships (DACS) - Call for applications

    The new DEI AOM Conference Scholarships (DACS) are also open for eligible accepted paper authors from countries from where we've 10 or fewer members.

    The deadline to submit is Tuesday, Jan. 9, at 17:00 (CET5/GMT-5).

    Eligibility: Members currently living or working in underrepresented regions of the world, particularly in countries that have less than 10 DEI members, including:

    • Africa
    • Underrepresented parts of Asia (excluding China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore)
    • Underrepresented parts of Eastern and Southern Europe (excluding Italy and Spain)
    • Central and South America (excluding Brazil)

    Criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to apply for DACS:

    • Current DEI Division member
    • Currently living and working in a country identified above as an underrepresented region
    • Have an accepted paper (not a symposium or PDW) to be presented at the 2024 AOM Annual meeting in Chicago
    • Complete submission of the 

     See here for more details (https://aom.informz.net/informzdataservice/onlineversion/ind/bWFpbGluZ2luc3RhbmNlaWQ9OTEyNDkxNSZzdWJzY3JpYmVyaWQ9ODE3MzczODgw). 

  • AOM DEI December 2023 Newsletter

  • DEI Career Awards 2024

    The DEI division is pleased to offer four career-related awards that reflect values we hold dear.  If you have a nominee in mind, please email the Chair of the committees noted below for more information. 

    1. Saroj Parasuraman Outstanding Publication
    Best journal article publication on a DEI-related topic for the calendar year preceding the award.
    Committee chair: Katina Sawyer

    2. Advancing Women in Leadership Award
    Outstanding scholarly contributions to advancing women in leadership.
    Committee chair: Kayla Follmer

    3. Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award
    Outstanding contributions to the DEI Division and personal service as a mentor and role model for others in the field.
    Committee chair: Eddy Ng

    4. Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions
    Significant contributions by a present or past member of the Division that have advanced DEI knowledge. Contributions include the creation and dissemination of empirical, theoretical, or applied developments. This award is given for an accumulated body of work.
    Committee chair: Kristen Burton

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