Best Student Conference Paper

Best Student Conference Paper Award

Sponsor: Emerald's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal
This award is given to a student author for the best conference paper on gender and diversity in organizations. 

Award Recipients

Paper Title: Confronters can cause harm by soliciting marginalized employees’ voice when confronting prejudice
Award Recipients

  • Merrick Osbourne, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • Andrea Villafuerte, Hypothesis Group
  • Eric Anicich, University of Southern California
  • Cydney Dupree, UCL School of Management

Runner Up

  • Edith Pick, Queen Mary, University of London

Paper Title: Race, Whiteness, and the Diversity Discourse: Lessons from UK Jewish Organizations


  • Chair: Jennifer Bishop and Rachel Hahn
  • Members: Lex Washington, Darryl Rice, Estelle Archibold
Paper Title:Constraints, Competencies, or Choices? How Lay Theories of the Gender Gap Shape Diversity Initiative Support
Award Recipient

  • Elinor Flynn / Ph.D. candidate NYU Stern
Committee Member
  • Brent Lyons, York University
Paper Title: Am I Next? The Spillover Effects of Mega-Threats on Identity Threat, Identity Labor, and Withdrawal at Work
Award Recipient

  • Angelica Leigh, Duke University
  • Shimul Melwani, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Committee Members
  • Mukta Kulkarni (Chair, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)
  • Brent Lyons, York University
  • Galina Boiarintseva, Niagara University
Paper Title:Taking Another Look at Race and the American Leadership Prototype: A Direct Replication of Rosette, Leonardelli, and Phillips (2008)
Award Recipient

  • Adaora Ubaka, University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Xinxin Lu, University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Lyangela Gutierrez, UCLA
Committee Members
  • David Dwertmann (Chair, Rutgers U.)
  • Nkosana Mafico, U. of Queensland
  • Kristie McAlpine, Rutgers U.
  • Sanjee Perera, U. of South Australia
  • Max Reinwald, U. of Konstanz
  • Hans van Dijk, Tilburg U.
  • Ariane Froidevaux, U. of Texas at Arlington
Paper Title: “Immigrant Social Entrepreneurs: Managing Organizational Tensions with Cross-Cultural Experience”
Award Recipient

  • Nkosana Mafico, U. of Queensland
  • Anna Krzeminska, Macquarie U.
  • Charmine Hartel, U. of Queensland
Committee Members
  • David Dwertmann (Chair, Rutgers U.)
  • Oscar Holmes IV, Rutgers U.
  • Ravi Kudesia, Temple U.
  • Brent Lyons, York U.
  • Kristie McAlpine, Rutgers U.
  • Sanjee Perera, U. of South Australia
  • Max Reinwald, U. of
  • Konstanz Hans van Dijk, Tilburg U.
Paper Title:More Than the Average: Examining the Variability in Employee Perceptions of Diversity Climate
Award Recipient

  • Max Reinwald, U. Konstanz
Committee Members
  • Eddy Ng (Chair), Dalhousie U.
  • Charlice Hurst, Notre Dame
  • U. Becky Paluch, Cornell U.
  • Chris Stamper, Western Michigan U.
Paper Title:A Multi-Level Process Model for Understanding Diversity Practice Effectiveness
Award Recipient

  • Becky Paluch
  • Lisa H. Nishii
  • Jasmien Khattab
  • Meir Shemla
Committee Members
  • Eddy Ng (chair)
  • Robin Church
  • Charlice Hurst
  • Dana Kabat-Farr
  • Sanjee Perera
Paper Title:Faculty gender diversity and university performance: The role of diversity climate
Award Recipient

  • David Mendelsohn
  • Elissa Perry
Committee Members
  • Jennifer Berdahl (chair)
  • Brent Lyons
  • Keimei Sugiyama

Year Recipient Paper Title Committee Members
2015 Huisi Jessica Li
Y. Connie Yuan
Natalya Bazarova
Bradford Bell
“Talk and Let Talk: Effects of Language Proficiency on Speaking Up and Expertise Recognition in Teams” Beth A. Livingston (chair)
Sarah Walker
Angelica Gutierrez
Beena Salim
Alberto Ramierez Melgoza
2014 Raphael Silberzahn
Eric Luis Uhlmann
Lei Zhu
“Pay as she goes: For stereotypically male jobs, women tend to be hired by the hour.” Corinne Post (chair)
Apoorva Ghosh
Angelica Gutierrez
Oscar Holmes IV
Tiffany Johnson
Eden King
Arlise McKinney
Tiffany Trzebiatowski
Sabrina DeeAnn Volpone
2013 Stephanie Creary
Brianna Barker Caza
Laura Morgan Roberts
“Out of the Box: Identity Expansion and the Building of Positive Manager-Subordinate Relationships.” C. Douglas Johnson (chair)
Raymond Trau
Apoorva Ghosh
Angelica Gutierrez
Arlise McKinney
Tiffany Johnson
2012 Geoffrey C. Ho
Margaret Shih
Daniel J. Walters
Todd Lowell Pittinsky
“The Psychological Stigma of Unemployment: When Joblessness Leads to Being Jobless.” C. Douglas Johnson (chair)
Raymond Trau
Apoorva Ghosh
Angelica Gutierrez
Arlise McKinney
Tiffany Johnson
2011 Erin Reid “Passing as Superman: The Ideal Worker and Men’s Professional Identities.” C. Douglas Johnson (chair)
Carolyn Block
Deretta Cole
Linda Hite
Corrine Post
2010 Sebastian Doering
Melanie Schreiner
Hendrik Huettermann
“Constructing a Collective Identity in Diverse Teams.” Mustafa Ozbilgin (chair)
Alexandra Beauregard
Deborah Blackman
Yuka Fujimoto
Mine Karatas-Ozkan
Iris Koa
Linley Lord
Isabel Metz
Layne Paddock
Jawad Syed
Susan Vinnicombe
2009 Muhammad Ali
Carol Kulik
Isabel Metz
“The Impact of Gender Diversity on Performance in Services and Manufacturing Organizations.” Ashleigh Shelby Rosette (chair)
Mary Graham
Kathy Duncan
Judith Clair
Lori Snyder
2008 Alexandra Niessen
Stefan Ruenzi
Michaela Baer
“The Impact of Work Group diversity on Performance.”
2007 Lindred Greer
Karen Jehn
“Where Perception Meets Reality: Effects of Different Types of Faultline Perceptions and Realities.” Ashleigh Shelby Rosette (chair)
Alexandra Beauregard
Donna Chrobot-Mason
Amy Randel
Mustafa Ozbilgin
Bev Sauer