Dorothy Harlow Best Conference Paper

Dorothy Harlow Best Conference Paper Award
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This award is given annually to author(s) of the best paper submitted to the Annual Academy of Management Meeting, this award honors the late Dr. Dorothy Harlow, who pioneered the effort to establish the DEI as an Interest Group of the Academy of Management. Dr. Harlow’s dedication to the organizing efforts and advancement of professional women will be etched in gold as this award is given annually.

Award Recipients

Paper Title: How Male Managers' Allyship Practices Unintentionally Reinforce White Hegemonic Masculinity
Award Recipients
  • Stephanie J. Creary, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Arran Caza, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • Hise O. Gibson, Harvard Business School

Runner Up

  • Letian Zhang, Harvard Business School
  • Xuege (Cathy) Lu, University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
  • Laura Huang, Harvard Business School 

Paper Title: Feminists' Irony: The Labor-Market Discrimination against Women Activists in Feminist Movements


  • Chair: Brent Lyons
  • Members: Dan Samosh, Barnini Bhattacharyya

Year Recipients Paper Committee Members

Rupa Banerjee, Canada Research Chair and Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University; Tingting Zhang, Assistant Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Aliya Amarshi, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University

Does Diversity and Inclusion include Immigrants? Employer and Skilled Newcomer Experiences and Perspectives from the Canadian Context

Kristen Jones

Angelica Leigh, Duke U.
Shimul Melwani, U. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

"Am I next? The spillover effects of mega-threats on identity threat, identity labor, and withdrawal at work"

Kristen Jones (chair, U. of Memphis)

David Arena, U. of Texas-Arlington
Sabrina Volpone, U. of Colorado-Boulder 
Brent Lyons, York U.
Christy Nittrouer, Texas Tech U.
Jessica Kirk, U. of Memphis
Emily Hazen, U. of Colorado-Boulder


Siyu Yu, New York University

"The status costs of building high-status network ties: The pivotal role of gender"


Kristen Jones (chair, U. of Memphis)

David Arena
Sabrina Volpone 
Brent Lyons
Christine Nittrouer
Jessica Kirk
2019 Seonyoung Hwang, Shainaz Firfiray, & Kim Hoque

“Gender, ethnicity, and emotional responses to daily family interference with work”

Sabrina Volpone (chair, UC-Boulder), 
Abdifatah Ali (U. of MN),
Kristen Jones (U. of Memphis),
Brent Lyons (York U.),
Larry Martinez (Portland State U.),
Phoenix Van Wagoner (UC-Boulder, student member)
2018 Felix Danbold & Corinne Bendersky

“Inverting Professional Prototypes Increases the Valuation of Women in Male-Dominated Professions”

Sabrina Volpone (chair), University of Colorado
Gwendolyn Combs
Kristen Jones
Brent Lyons
Larry Martinez
Enrica Ruggs
2017 Alexandra C. Feldberg Having an Opinion vs. Knowing the Facts: Success Strategies among Men and Women
in a Global Bank”
Sabrina Volpone (chair), University of Colorado
Gwendolyn Combs
Kristen Jones
Brent Lyons
Larry Martinez
Enrica Ruggs

Leon Windscheid
Lynn Bowes-Sperry
Deborah Kidder
Michèle Morner
Ho Kwon Cheung
“Actions speak louder than words: Outsiders’ perceptions of diversity mixed messages” Caren Goldberg (Chair), Bowie State University
Shannon Rawski, U. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Afra Ahmed, Zayed University, Dubai UAE
Tiffany Trzebiatowski, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
2015 Devon Proudfoot
Aaron C. Kay
Christy Zhou Koval 
“Creativity is gendered: The perceived association between masculinity and creative thinking” Lisa Leslie (Chair), Sabrina DeeAnn Volpone, Adela McMurray, Florian Kunze, Yunhung Chung
2014 Carol T. Kulik
Mara Olekalns
Ema T. Swain
“Does consistency pay The effects of information sequence and content on women’s negotiation outcomes.” Gail Baugh and Lisa Leslie (Co-chairs), Muhammad Ali, Alison Cook, Jacqueline Hood
2013 Muhammad Ali
Yin Lu Ng
“Board Age and Gender Diversity: A Test of Competing Linear and Curvilinear Predictions“ Gail Baugh (Chair), E. Holly Buttner, Beth Livingston, Susan Marlow, Whitney Botsford Morgan, Lisa Nishii
2012 Belle Rose Ragins
Jorge A. Gonzalez
Kyle Erhardt
Romila Singh
“The Spillover of Community Racial Diversity and Diversity Climate to the Workplace.” David Kravitz (Chair), Alison Cook, patrick McKay, Whitney Botsford Morgan, Sue Vinnicombe
2011 Orlando Richard
Goce Andrevski
“The complementary effect of managerial diversity and board of directors diversity on performance.” Joy Beatty (Chair), Lisa Nishii, Gernanda Wagstaff, David Baldridge and Christine Mahoney
2010 Whitney Botsford Morgan “Mothers’ Psychological Contracts:  Does Supervisor Breach Explain Intention to Leave the Workforce?” Joy Beatty (chair), Lisa Nishii, David Baldridge, Maria Fernanda Garcia, Christine Mahoney, Sabrina Volpone
2009 Muhammad Ali
Carol Kulik
Isabel Metz
“The Impact of Gender Diversity on Performance in Services and Manufacturing Organizations.”
2008 Aparna Joshi
Hyuntak Roh
“Considering context in team diversity research: A meta-analytic review.” Jeannie Forray (chair), Mark Roehling, Patrick McKay, Audrey Murrell, Kristina Bourne, Douglas Johnston, Jeanine Andreassi
2007 Patrick McKay
Derek Avery
Mark Morris
“The interaction of subordinates’ and managers’ diversity climates on store unit sales performance.” Stacy Blake-Beard (chair), Lisa Nishii, Loriann Roberson, Deborah Litvin, Ujvala Rajadhyaksha
2006 DHui Liao
Aichia Chuang
Aparna Joshi
“Work Outcomes and Personality Antecedents of Perceived Deep-Level Dissimilarity.”
2005 David Baldridge “Withholding accommodation requests: The role of workgroup supportiveness and requester attributes.“ Stacy Blake-Beard (chair), Peggy Stockdale, Orlando Richards, Marta Elvira, Charmine Hartel
2004 Orlando C. Richard “Does race matter within a multicultural context: Alternate modes of theorizing and theory testing.“
2003 Jana L. Raver
Michele J. Gelfand
“Linking sexual harassment, team processes and team performance.”   Jeffrey Greenhaus (chair), Myrtle Bell, Lene Foss, Cherry Granrose, Claire Simmers
2002 Donna Chrobot-Mason
William K. Hepworth
“Examining perceptions of objective and subjective racial harassment and managerial responses.” Lynn Bowes-Sperry (chair), David Porter, (Executive Committee), Susan Vinnicombe (Executive Committee)
2001 Belle Rose Ragins
John M. Cornwell
“Walking the line: Fear and disclosure of sexual orientation in the workplace.“
2000 Belle Rose Ragins
John M. Cornwell
“Pink triangles: Antecedents and consequences of heterosexism in the workplace.” Elaine Yakura (chair)
1998 Marta M. Elvira
Christopher D. Zatzick
“Racial composition and voluntary turnover in a multiracial setting.“

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