Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service

Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award
Sponsor: Sage Publications

This award is presented to the nominee who has made an outstanding contribution to the DEI Division and who has personally served as a mentor and role model for others in the field (previously: personally provided support for women in the field).Criteria for the award: Contributions include professional service to the division, work for the advancement of the status and role of professional women and people of color in the Academy, and/or in organizations.

Deadline for Nominations: Open
If you have any questions please reach out to the award chair and committee member, Eddy Ng (eddy.ng@queensu.ca).

The nomination process asks for a letter explaining why you believe their service contribution is significant, and a copy of the nominees CV. Submit nominations here!

Award Recipients


Award Recipient

  • Donna Blancero, Bentley University


  • Chair: Joy Beatty
  • Member(s): Ellen Kossek, Mukta Kulkarni, and Radha Sharma
Year Recipient University Affiliation
(at time of award)
Committee Members
2022 Ellen Ernst Kossek Basil S. Turner Professor of Management. Purdue University Eddy Ng
2021 Not presented
2020 Derek Avery Wake Forest University Erika Hall (chair), Emory University

Lisa Nishii, Cornell University
Joy Beatty, University of Michigan- Dearborn
2019 Lisa H. Nishii Cornell University Erika Hall (chair), Emory University
Alison Hall, U. of Texas at Arlington

Robin Ely, Harvard U.
Joy Beatty, University of Michigan- Dearborn
2018 Robin Ely Harvard University Erika Hall (chair), Emory University
Derek Avery, Wake Forest University
Diana Bilimoria, Case Western Reserve University
Joy Beatty, University of Michigan- Dearborn
2017 Not presented
2016 Diana Bilimoria Case Western University
Lisa M. Leslie (Chair), New York University
Stacy Blake-Beard, Simmons College
Jonathan Booth, London School of Economics
Belle Rose Ragins, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Alison Sheridan, University of New England, New South Wales, Australia
2015 Stacy D. Blake-Beard Simmons College
Derek Avery (Chair), Alison Sheridan, Belle Rose Ragins, Alison Konrad, Jonathan Booth
2014 Bernardo Ferdman Alliant International University
Derek Avery and Isabel Metz (Co-chairs), Muhammad Ali, Beth Chung, Douglas Johnson, Belle Ragins, Sherry Sullivan
2013 Dianna Stone SUNY Albany
Derek Avery (Chair), Janice Witt Smith, Isabel Metz, Sherry Sullivan, Ahu Tatli, Carolyn Wiethoff
2012 David Kravitz George Mason University
Robyn Berkley (Chair), C. Douglas Johnson, Belle Rose Ragins, Sherry Sullivan,Beth Chung, Donna Blancero
2011 Belle Rose Ragins University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Donna Blancero (chair), C. Douglas Johnson, Beth Livingston, Whitney Botsford Morgan, Lourdes Susaeta, Sherry Sullivan
2010 Not presented
Donna Blancero (chair), Kecia Thomas, Isabel Metz, Ghadir Ishqaidef, Robert Del Campo, Miguel Olivas-Lujan
2009 Kecia Thomas University of Georgia
Donna Maria Blancero (chair), Myrtle Bell, Robyn Berkley, Robert Del Campo, Isabel Metz, Miguel Olivas-Lujan
2008 Myrtle Bell University of Texas, Arlington
2007 Gayle Baugh University of West Florida
2006 Not presented
2005 Charmine Hartel Deakin University
Robert Sardy (chair), Donna Chrobot-Mason, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Claire Simmers, Kathy Duncan, Christopher Kit Tennis
2004 Alison Konrad University of Western Ontario
2003 Ellen A. Fagenson-Eland George Mason University Faye smith (chair)
2002 Sherry E. Sullivan Bowling Green State University / John Reed Center for Careers
Marian Ruderman (chair), Max Wortman, Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Gayle Baugh, Monica Forret, Martin Davidson, Frieda Reitman, Dorothy Perrin Moore, Phyllis Tharenou
2001 Max Wortman Iowa State University
Sherry E. Sullivan (chair), Yasmin S. Purohit, Lisa Mainiero, Jamie Moore, Gary Powell, Claire A. Simmers
2000 Not presented
1999 Not presented
1998 Not presented
1997 Stella M. Nkomo
1996 Janet Adams
1995 Lynda Moore
1994 Gary Powell
1993 Dorothy (Dot) P. Moore
1992 Bette Ann Stead